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It is important of course to have a website.
It is as just as important that your website is up to date.
The trend of sites now is to be viewed at their best both on mobiles such as smart phones and tablets as well as on desktop computers. These are not the same and our sites are designed with options that veiw to the best advantage of the device used.
This is called responsive design and frankly is a must these days. contact us to enquire about new sites or redesigning your existing site to bring them up to date and get the best for your site

We offer web design, website modification to bring an old site up to date, and web maintenance.
It is easy to overlook this while you are spending your time and attention on your business
. Presenting a up to date site can benifit your business in new customers and enquiries and present your business to look current and professional
We can accomodate your concept of design and presentation , and ofer advice where needed or suggest improvements. But in the final desision is yours to make.

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